Scandinavian partnership with Oslo Pride, West Pride, Stockholm Pride and Copenhagen Pride

Clear Channel has a proud tradition of partnering up with Pride, and this year we are delighted to announce our Scandinavian partnership with Oslo Pride, Stockholm Pride, Copenhagen Pride and West Pride.

The LGBTQ+ rights movement has made impressive and important strides over the past few decades and much of the progress in visibility is thanks to annual pride festivals that have taken place in public spaces in cities around the world. With some help from our digital platform, reaching millions of Scandinavians on a weekly basis, we wish to contribute by sharing the colourful manifestation for everybody’s equal right to love and be who they want to be.

First up is West Pride, which takes place from 13th to 19th of June in Gothenburg, Sweden. In connection with this, various PR activities are carried out to reach out with the message of The LGBTQ + rights movement. Among other things, the campaign got air time on the TV channel SVT Nyheter Väst, interviews was held in P3 Nyheter as well as in Vaken with P3, and the newspaper Göteborg Direkt printed an interview.

The campaign “Ambassadors of Pride,” created by the agency AKQA, features a series of life stories from LGBTQ+ refugees and their experience making it through Sweden’s asylum process. Read more about the campaign and the LGBTQ asylum seekers on West Pride’s website.


West Pride's campaign “Ambassadors of Pride”.

Next up is Oslo Pride that takes place from 18th to 27th of June, Stockholm Pride from 1st to 7th of August and last, but not least Copenhagen Pride that will be celebrated from 13th to 21st of August.



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