Spectacular L, Ågade, 58994, English

Need help? Please contact campaignmanagement@clearchannel.dk if you need help or have any questions regarding the delivery specifications.

1. Format and material

Panel number

Ågade/Falkoner Allé

H254 cm x W3840 cm (3 pcs. H254 cm x W1280 cm).
We recommend that all text is min. 5 cm. from the edge.

Showing format
H250 cm x W3840 cm.
The file must be delivered in a 3-paged pdf in correct order – please
enclose a mockup of the final solution.
Any ground must be printed to bleed.
Text and images must be placed within showing format


Print-ready file(s)
Pdf 1:10.
Resolution: 500 dpi.
Files must contain cropmarks. Bleed: 10 mm.
Colours: Convert all colours to CMYK – Coated Fogra39.

2. Upload files 

Upload print-ready file(s) below and name the file as the following: Order number_Client_Campaign week_Media

3. Posting 

Please notice that the standard posting-period is Sunday at 18.00 prior to campaign start – until Tuesday 23.59. Dismantling will be completed latest Tuesday after end of the campaign.

It is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that the layout or design does not conflict with the Danish Marketing Act or infringe third party intangible rights, and that the material complies with the stated specifications. View our general business terms here.

Upload files to ClearChannel here: httphttps://www.clearchannel.dk/upload-filer/

Ring til os

+45 3644 0244. Eller send en e-mail til kundeservice@clearchannel.dk