Metro – Glass Railing Concorse + Plateau Nørreport

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All files must be uploaded to Clear Channel at the latest 15 working days before the start of the campaign.

Files must be accompanied by a setup guide as well as a mock-up of the layout.

File naming: Order number_Client_Campaign week_Media


Concourse: (Fig 1)

A: W: 850 mm, H: 1000 mm, x28

B: W: 1050 mm, H: 1000 mm, x28

C: W: 425 mm, H: 1000 mm, x8

D: W: 350 mm, H: 1000 mm, x8

E: W: 125 mm, H: 1000 mm, x4

All pieces are divided by a 48 mm gap


Plateau: (Fig 2)

W: 450 mm, H: 1000 mm, x6

W: 1050 mm, H: 1000 mm x15

All pieces are divided by a 45mm gap

Visible area

Design is visable from both sides


Layout must be delivered in a 1:1 scale

Min. Resolution is 100 dpi

Ground colour must be bled to the edges

All documents must delivered in a single print proof PDF file containing all pages in correct order

If different design on each side, both design are to be included in one file according to numbered sections.

All images, Pantone and RGB colours must be converted to CMYK – Coated Fogra39.

All text must be vectorized

File must contain crop marks and 10mm bleed.

Print ready files

Material must be uploaded at the latest 11 working days in advance.

Upload files to ClearChannel here: http

Fig 1


Fig 2

It is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that the layout or design does not conflict with the Danish Marketing Act or infringe third party intangible rights, and that the material complies with the stated specifications. See our general business terms here.

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