Metro – Screen Foil, Nørreport


Use enclosed template: eps 1:10

Minimum resolution is 500 dpi

Ground colour must be bled to edges

All documents mest be delivered as print proof PDF files , where all images, Pantone and RGB colours are converted to CMYK

All text must be vectorized

File must include cropmarks and 10 mm bleed

The “Sign” areas are not foiled, so it is not recommended to put text or logo in these areas

Material deadline

Material must be uploaded at the latest 11 working days in advance.

Delivery notes

Files must be accompanied by a setup guide as well as a mock-up of the layout.

File naming: Order number_Client_Campaign week_Media

Upload files to ClearChannel here: httphttps://www.clearchannel.dk/upload-filer/

Fig 1

Ring til os

+45 3644 0244. Eller send en e-mail til kundeservice@clearchannel.dk