Airport – Spectacular Outside, Spectacular P10 West

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1. Format and material 

Panel id

Product name / location
Spectacular P10 West

H14,35m X W31,5m
We recommend that all important objects is placed at min 0,5m from bottom and that all text is min 30 cm high.

Print Material
Fairlyn, PVC-free banner

Print-ready file(s)
Pdf 1:10.

Resolution (Resolution must be min 30 PPI if delivered as 1:1 file): 300 dpi.
Colours: Convert all colours to CMYK – ISO Coated v2 300%.
PDF with outlined text/fonts and no overprint.

2. Deadline for delivery of print-ready files

At least 20 working days (at 8 am) before the campaign commences, or as stated in the order confirmation, finished original must be uploaded to Clear Channel.

3. Upload files

Upload print-ready files below and name the file as the following: Order number_Client_Campaign week_Media

Note: No Æ, Ø or Å’s in the filename.

It is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that the layout or design does not conflict with the Danish Marketing Act or infringe third party intangible rights, and that the material complies with the stated specifications. See our general business terms  here. 

Upload files to ClearChannel here: http
Illustrationer_Spectacular_outside_60722-CPH airport

Fig 1: Illustrationer_Spectacular_outside_60722-CPH airport

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