Clear Channel is Scandinavia's leading outdoor media company, offering the market's best coverage. Through 17,000 advertising signs at attractive locations, brands can engage target groups throughout Denmark and reach 87% of the population in two weeks.

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Combination can give a strong effect

In many cases, advertisers create campaigns using a combination of several arenas, with different types of formats. This can often be the most effective. This way advertisers meet selected target groups in several arenas and can make a stronger impression.

Out of home advertising is also particularly suitable as a promotional channel combined with other media offers. Out of home advertising is effective together with e.g. social media, digital advertising and television advertising.

Feel free to take a closer look at our news, and contact us to gain insights and see and hear about examples of creative and innovative campaigns that has created impact. Regardless of whether you want to advertise nationwide, locally or specifically in selected areas of interest, we will help you.


Scandinavia’s largest airport, Copenhagen Airport, is also Denmark’s largest arena for B2B and B2C premium marketing, with almost 2 million travelers each month (Source: The airport is considered one of the most exclusive airport centers in the world. Create powerful impact and achieve high frequency with your campaign at the airport and enjoy the effects of long exposure time with our world class media packages. Airport map.


Strengthen your brand with advertising on digital screens in the malls and reach consumers when they are in the right mindset. After many years of collaboration with the largest advertisers in the country, we have created the best solutions for increased sales. By showing your message close to purchase, your brand can reach the customer close to the buying decision.


Get visibility on large areas in the urban environment. Outdoor advertising is a natural part of the city. As an advertiser, you get good visibility in the public space, with the opportunity to reach large groups of people with powerful communication. The right message in the right environment can be inspiring for the audience, in a positive, non intrusive way.


The metro in Copenhagen is a unique campaign environment where advertisers achieve digital and analogue dominance in an undisturbed exposure environment. Campaigns in the metro ensure brand high involvement and great campaign effect with high impact formats, creative installations and innovative solutions. With more than 1 million travelers every week, the metro offers unique creative opportunities, as well as Denmark’s largest digital network. All at premium locations in an exclusive outdoor environment.

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