Airport – Create Engage Nytorv B

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Requirements that concern layout of the area are located here, and these must always be followed.

All staff at the location must read and follow the requirements as stated here.


A design layout sketch must be sent to campaignmanagement@clearchannel.dk for approval at the latest 20 working days before the campaign start. The design layout must include the following:

  • Floor plan with measurements.
  • Height of interior and furniture.
  • Mock-up/illustration including description of materials and colours.


L: 2,5m x W: 3m x H: 1,8m.


Floor plan
Download the Floor Plan for an overview of the differemt create areas.

Upload files to ClearChannel here: httphttps://www.clearchannel.dk/upload-filer/

It is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that the layout or design does not conflict with the Danish Marketing Act or infringe third party intangible rights, and that the material complies with the stated specifications. See our general business terms here.

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