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Choose between linear campaign and a dynamic campaign

All digital campaigns can be either dynamic campaigns, or linear campaigns. The latter, the linear campaign, is the most common.

A linear campaign is a campaign that remains the same through the campaing period. You upload short films to us in advance, that we show on agreed time slots during your campaign period.

A dynamic campaign is however, as the name reveals, a dynamic campaign. The material for such a campaign is delivered as a URL where you can change the content yourself during the campaign period.

The specifications for a dynamic campaign, differ a little bit compared to a linear campaign.

If you are going to take advantage of dynamic material / HTML/HTML5 material, please see here for important information about specifications, deadline, format, delivery and other information.

Need help? Please contact if you need help or have any questions regarding the delivery specifications.


Linear content
At least 5 days prior to campaign start, all files must be submitted to us in order to secure a problem free delivery.



Definition: 16:9 (landscape).

Ad length

10 seconds – check the length of the spot you bought.

Export settings

• Resolution: 1920×1080 px.
• File format: .mov. or .mp4. (Static material is delivered as .jpeg or .png, 72 dpi.)
• Codec: h.264.
• Bitrate: Max 20 000 kb/s.
• Framerate: 25 fps.

Delivery notes

Please name your files like this: Order number_Client_Campaign week_Media.

Upload print-ready files

Other notes

Layout recommendations
• Dynamic content and not still images for best effect.
• Easy-to-decode messages in texts as well as images.
• Use color contrasts.
• Make sure that logos are easy-to-decode.
• See our digital design guidelines to use the media in the best possible way.

Upload files to ClearChannel here: http

It is the advertiser’s responsibility to ensure that the layout or design does not conflict with the Danish Marketing Act or infringe third party intangible rights, and that the material complies with the stated specifications. See our general business terms here.

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